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Toysoldier Thor
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am Toysoldier Thor. This is the name I go by within the 3D virtual world of SecondLife and even throughout the online communities that I participate in.

SecondLife is an amazing huge virtual world with 10's of thousands of lands and millions of residents. You exist as an avatar. From this world I take photographs of the amazing 3D creations around me. These photographs are not unlike photographs in real life where camera angles and lighting and all those aspects must be taken into consideration. Then I create photo art from these raw images.

I have also expanded my recent addiction of creating art (since April 2010 spawned in SL) to experiment with Real Life photography, 3D art, and mixed media art. As you see from my gallery, I have gotten into everything. I love to learn within each type of art.


Zahra Forest Fairy by ToysoldierThor
Zahra Forest Fairy
This is a virtual world photo capture of SecondLife Artistic Dancer Zahra Ethaniel during her dance last night (Fri Dec 5 2014) at the ever packed and popular Guerilla Burlesque of SL theater.  Capturing her as she danced - not knowing her next move - and in a crowded laggy sim was lucky enough.  But for her to be fully rezzed and in the right angle, position, and lighting... I was happy.  Then I applied a lot of post processing to transform it into more of an artistic photo art.

I used my own textures as well as my own shot of the subject.
Murder Of Crows by ToysoldierThor
Murder Of Crows

This is an artwork created from a photo that was taken back in 2011 within the Humanoid sim in SecondLife and was sitting in my "unfinished photos" folder. I finally decided to tackle this photo.

I wanted to focus on the Crows in this emotionally dark photo. It was a much larger photo of the crows flying through the trees over an old church ruins and ceemetary.... but I loved the crows in the trees the most. I had to figure how to add more emphasis to the darkness and ominous nature I saw. I decided to used the blacked out eyes of a masquerade mask I have and photographed a couple years ago.

I feel the shadows of the eyes speak and the crows emot the feeling of darkness and something ominous.

A group of crows is called a "murder" so the artwork title was quite simply : MURDER OF CROWS

Beast Of Burdens by ToysoldierThor
Beast Of Burdens
For those that know my artworks well and my style, you would know my emotional works tend to be internally focused.  The emotion I often try to capture is that of the emotions one faces him/her self.  What he/she is dealing with in his/her own mind.  

Being that, for me this artwork actually captures what I often feel like as I go through most days as a result of my own personal dealings with what I believe to be ADD.

I am an energizer bunny on 5 cans of red bull.  My mind never shuts up and is always coming up with ideas in countless directions.  The problem is I also often never say NO to running with these ideas - I simply take on another challenge and another opportunity and another business and another creative learning experiment.  Many of them lead to commitments and deadlines that others expect of me when I took it on.  

Its like a Juggler that has 10 balls in the air and agrees to add another.  As long as they all come down at different times, I am OK.  But often many come at the same time.  Also, even when they come down at a good pace, they never stop coming so I struggle to just for my mind to rest.

So this artwork shows a person like me that struggles to keep his commitments from crushing him.  The clouds are the opportunities that have also become commitments and stresses and obligations.  I constantly need the incredible strength to keep them from falling to the ground - which to me is a failure.  

HE holds up his growing burden of commitments - using all his strength to ensure then don't fall and crush him in the process.


The subject is from a SecondLife photo I took in 2012 at the Fantasy Faire exhibits.  I then used my own personal clouds and blending textures to complete the art.
Conquered by ToysoldierThor
This artwork's main subject uses a photo I took over a year ago in SecondLife when I discovered an interesting build. It was actually a neighbour land to a friend's land and was part of a build for some private medeival D/s dungeon.

A statue of this woman in despair just captivated me. I took a few photos and put them in my unfinished folder. Today I tackled it.

I call this work: CONQUERED

When I kept looking at her... into her face... her closed eyes... I felt despair as I am sure many of you would see in the statue. I wanted to draw out that feeling where her life, soul, heart, energy had been conquered.

I added some of my texture library to compliment the mood and emotion.  All photos used for the creation of this work are my photos.
Dropped Color Bendy Straws by ToysoldierThor
Dropped Color Bendy Straws
This is a texture of colored bendy straws that fell out of my pantry when I opened the door.  The way they fell was so cool laying on the floor that I took photos of them and cut out all the background floor behind them to use as a texture or future artwork.  I did just that when I created my STRAWMAN artwork (see my profile).

This texture is available as a texture input at the low display resolution for Deviant Art members for personal use creation.  Any commercial use of the full resolution 3535x2218 available upon request - contact Artist.

Yesterday I got a surprising email from the D.A. Administrator congratulating me for making a sale of one of my artworks to a real live art loving customer of D.A.  This might not be big news for some Deviants as they are long time professional seasoned artist that actually make some or all of their living on selling their art.  But.....

For me, this announcement was a milestone!  Next week I celebrate my 3rd year of being a Deviant and this sale that happened on May 17, 2013 and was finalized yesterday is MY FIRST EVER DA ARTWORK SALE!

So now you are asking... What was the artwork that was bought.  It took me time to find the actual transaction details on the site (not easy to find), but the sale happened May 17th and it was a 24" x 36" print of my CHICAGO BLUEPRINT Photo manipulation.  I don't know if it was a print, or canvas or stretched / non-stretched.  It would be nice if D.A. would provide more details - even generally where the customer was from (not specifically but at least the country/city).

Here is the Deviation that was bought...
Chicago Blueprint by ToysoldierThor

Considering it was such a large print of the image (24x36), I was a bit concerned that the max resolution of the image would be good enough at the calculated 125DPI.  For my own real life art website I use a minimum of 200DPI.  But I know a lot of printers will use DPIs at or even below 100.  Since D.A. calculates the DPI and determines the maximum printable size, I feel comfortable it must be good enough to meet D.A.'s standards.

Anyway.... I am a happy clam about this!  And if you are the customer that bought this artwork, thank you very much for being my first ever D.A. Art Sale!  If you feel comfortable doing so I would love to know if you were happy with your print that you received from D.A.


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